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Our custom department can help you if you are :


  • replacing an old or faded panel,

  • changing gauges, switches or electronics in an existing panel,

  • or simply adding value to your helm with a new look. 


Send us the make and year of your boat, a photo of the existing panel, overall length and width dimensions, and a brief explanation of what you would like to do, change, or add. 


We will contact you with a quote to get started. Before we proceed to manufacturing stage, we may ask you to send us the original panel or a template, to ensure a perfect fit. 


Our lead time for a custom part is usually 2-3 weeks from date of approval. This can vary depending on the complexity of the job.

If you would like to stop by and visit our showroom please call and make an appointment.




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Thank you for your request. We will contact you very soon.

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